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15 Years Rich Industrial Experience
50+ World Famous Enterprise
One-stop Solution Manufacturer
State-of-the-art 86,000 ft2 production facility


Shenzhen leadyo was found in 2007 and is a a one-stop-solution Battery and BMS manufacture and leading BMS and lithium battery manufacturer in China.


Leadyo is Specialized in solar & wind hybrid energy storage, Engine Start Battery and other energy storage battery system solutions.

our team

12 engineers with rich experience
15 Quality control personnel
6-8 oversea salers
6 Domestic salers
150-200 expericen workers


Our building with 5 layers in Dongguan city which is nearest in shenzhen covered with almost 6,000sq.ft, and around 200 employees

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On May 9, 2022
Lithium LiFePO4 12V 18ah 20Ah 25Ah Golf Trolley Battery The new lithium battery that is supplied as standard with most of Series carts of all ages. The new Lithium Phosphate 18Ah 20Ah 22Ah and 25Ah can be used in any Series. There are no electronics changes or adjustments necessary; you can just ...
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On April 14, 2022
48v golf cart battery The Leadyo 48v golf cart battery is a state of the art rechargeable battery pack made with Prismatic cells designed for 48V devices. It is perfect for golf cart,e-scooters, solar applications, robots, warehouse working vehicles,forklifts and other applications that require a ...
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On March 29, 2022
12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery For your Life A 12v 100ah LiFePo4 battery is one of the best choices for outdoor recreation. LifePO4 battery 12v 100ah and 12V 200Ah are mainly used for household energy storage, outdoor power supply, RV,Marine. 12V deep cycle battery in the use of the process can prevent ...
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On October 25, 2021
Leadyo are manufacturing 12V 100Ah 120Ah 150Ah 180Ah 200Ah 300Ah LFP Batteries With Screws case It means that you can easy open the cover and check the inside of the battery. When the battery has issue you can open it and check the BMS ,wires connected and cells, it is helpful your after servcies . ...