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Company News About 3500+ cycles 12V 10ah 12AH for riding toys , scoters ,emeergency
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3500+ cycles 12V 10ah 12AH for riding toys , scoters ,emeergency

Latest company news about 3500+ cycles 12V 10ah 12AH for riding toys , scoters ,emeergency

This 12V 10Ah ,12ah fits applications like riding toys, scooters, emergency lighting, UPS backups, fire & security.

1. Solar Power Systems: It can be utilized as a backup or off-grid power source for solar panels, storing energy during the day to power devices or lighting at night.

2. Electric Scooters and Bikes: Many electric scooters and bikes utilize 12V 10Ah LiFePO4 batteries as their power source, providing a balance between power and range.

3. Portable Electronics: It can be employed in portable electronic devices like camping lanterns, portable speakers, or small appliances that require a 12V power supply.

4. UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply): These batteries can serve as backup power for UPS systems, ensuring uninterrupted power supply during outages or fluctuations.

5. Electric Tools: Some cordless power tools may use 12V 10Ah LiFePO4 batteries to provide the necessary energy for operation.

6.  toys, scooters, emergency lighting, UPS backups, fire & security and so on.


Spec of 12V 10Ah 12Ah lifepo4 battery pack for  riding toys, scooters, emergency lighting, UPS backups, fire & security. 


Nominal Voltage 12V   Terminal Type F2
Nominal Capacity 10-12Ah   Weight 1kg
Nominal Energy 120-128Wh   Case Dimension(L*W*H) 150*99*94mm
Internal Resistance ≤30 @50% SOC   Case Type ABS
Capacity @ 2A: 300minutes(5hours)   Cell type / Chemistry Cylindrical-LiFePO4
Self Discharge 5% /per month   LCD or Bluetooth Function Optional
Maximum In Series and Parallel NO   BMS:low voltage,high voltage,over temperature,
Maximum In Parallel Recommend max 10Pcs   Over current,short-circuit protection .etc
Discharge Current and Voltage Specifications   Charge Current and Voltage Specifications
MAX Continuous Discharge Current 10A   Max Charge Current 10A
Peak Current 15A   Recommended Charge Current 2A - 5A
Discharge pulse current 20A±5A (31±10ms)   End of Charge voltage 14.4V±0.2V
BMS Low Voltge Cut-off 8V (2.0V±0.05v) pc)   End of discharge voltage 8V
BMS Reconnect Voltage 8.8V (2.5V±0.05v) pc)   BMS Over Charge Voltage Cut-off 15V(3.75V±0.05v pc)
Short Circuit Protection 200-800 µs Auto recover or charge release   Balancing Voltage 3.6V±0.05v pc
Discharge Temperature -20~+65℃   Certifications CE for Battery Pack
Charge Temperature -20~+45℃    
Storage Temperature Range -20~+45℃   UL1642 & IEC62133 & BIS for cells
BMS High Temperature Protection 90℃   Shipping classification UN 3480
Battery High Temperature Protection 60℃    
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