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June 13, 2022

Low temperature lithium LiFePO4 battery

What's the Low temperature lithium LiFePO4 battery ?


The Low temperature lithium LiFePO4 batteries are cold-weather performance batteries that can charge at temperatures down to -20°C (-4°F). How? The system features proprietary technology that draws power from the charger itself, requiring no additional components. The entire process of heating and charging is completely seamless. Simply plug the battery into the regular lithium charger and the internal heating and monitoring system takes care of the rest.


The advantages:

1. It not consume the battery's power,it only draws power from the charger.

2, can customized the heating power according to your requirements 50W 100W 150W....

3,Can set up temperature data according to your requirements.



There have some batteries can with Low Temperature auto-heating Function:

12V 50Ah 100Ah 150Ah 200Ah and 300Ah

24V 50Ah 100Ah 150Ah and 200Ah


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